Introduction to couple swapping

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The couple swapping is a sexual practice that if it is lived with serenity can be extremely funny and very intriguing. For this reason every day all over the world, countless couples decide to enter the swinger world and start to transgress.

In this post we will cover the following topics related to the world of couples exchange and the swinger community:

What does it mean to become a swingers?

Becoming a swinger means to face sex in an unconventional way and gives the possibility to a couple to be able to live their sexuality with freedom and to discover new sensations in the world of sex. Every day an unimaginable number of married partners or boyfriends betray their own or their partner. Several of these do it for love, others simply out of boredom and to try new sensations.

Couples have the opportunity to live their sexuality in complete harmony with the couple without having to betray. For this reason, the couple swapping represents the extreme sexual freedom devoid of constraints imposed by a culture and / or religion not inclined to transgression.

By becoming a swinger according to one’s sexual preferences, one can experiment with new sexual practices and leave the monogamy cage that some of us perceive as a constraint, living it sometimes even with pain and discomfort.

Is the swinger world only for couples?

Although the name “couple swapping” can make you feel that it is a world only for conventional couples, married or girlfriends, the swinger environment is widely frequented by man and lady, groups of people or homosexual couples (so gay couples or lesbian).

For this reason, within the world of the couple swapping there is room for couples, singles, singles or groups of friends. Each individual will enter the swinger world if done correctly and without impositions will be able to live their sexual experiences with happiness.

Hard swinger couple vs soft swinger couple

Couples in the swinger world are divided mainly into two categories, ie the full swinging couples, or those who during the meetings also come to the penetrative couple swapping and the soft couples that only exchange partners for sexual practices for the just soft, like oral sex, caresses and manual sex.

Of course there are generally also subgroups of couples, ie couples with bisexual her, couples she bsx, couples where both are straight and couples where both are bisexual, called full bsx couples. Although rarer but not totally non-existent, there are also couples with bisexual and heterosexual women.

The swap Couple Cuckold

Another type of couple particularly appreciated by single boys are the “cuckold” swinger couples. The cuckold couple is a couple, generally married, even if sometimes we talk about couples who are looking for particularly strong emotions. Generally within the cuckold couple the male partner is only contemplative and gets excited to see his partner dealing with another man or more men (in this case we talk about gang bang).

Usually cuckold couples prefer to meet single men, often sexually active men, the so-called bull. In some cases the meetings are also aimed at other couples.

Swinger and car sex

The swinger couples turned to the car sex, are particular couples that prefer the meetings in the car, for example in parking lots. Needless to say that before making an appointment of this kind it is absolutely recommended to have the mathematical security that we do not find on the other side of the bad guys. Personally I feel strongly advised against this kind of meeting.

Swinger in separate rooms

The couple swapping in separate rooms is a very special practice that consists of meeting a couple, exchange their partner and then consume the meeting in divided rooms. This practice has a strong component of mental excitement. The thought of knowing and in some cases feeling to enjoy the respective partner or the respective partner without being able to see him can create a strong cerebral excitement.

However this type of practice can be very exciting, if lived with serenity but also very traumatic for couples who are not ready for such special emotions.

Swinger social network

One of the simplest methods to know other transgressive couples who practice the exchange of couples is to enroll in one or more communities that are addressed exclusively to the world of exchanges.

One of the major international sites is definitely SpicyMatch, a social network dedicated to the swinger environment structured in the style of the most popular social classics. Within SpicyMatch we have the opportunity to contact other couples, singles and singles with our same interests. We also have the possibility of adding a photo gallery, creating events, adding content to our bulletin board and participating in events and partners.

As for Italy, one of the best communities dedicated to the exchange of couples is SexyCommunity. It also consists of a rich community even if mainly addressed to a mainly Italian audience.

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